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Small Town Flavor...

Fresh.      Elegant.      Simple.      Modern.

Just like New Albany, Ohio…

Remember when you were a kid and your summertime job was hand cranking ice cream on visits to your grandparents’ house?  That classic wooden bucket filled with rock salt and ice, and in the center was a stainless steel container full of your grandmother’s recipe for cool, summer deliciousness.  After what seemed like an eternity, she’d scoop out the fruits of your labor – pure satisfaction.

That’s the inspiration for Charlotte & Olivia’s Sublime Ice Creams.  Simple ingredients -  found down the road or from the exotic corners of the globe.  All combined in an artisan, hand-crafted way to create modern twists on classic ice cream flavors.

Welcome to Charlotte & Olivia’s Sublime Ice Creams,
and welcome to New Albany.

NA Farmers MarketCome see us at the
New Albany
Summer Farmers Market


Market Square - New Albany
Every Thursday, 4-7pm
June 22 through Sept 7