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Our Philosophy...


The point of searching for that perfect blend of fresh ingredients and summertime flavor is what brought Charlotte & Olivia’s Sublime Ice Creams to market.  We believe in the following when creating our signature blends:

  • Start with milk from Ohio dairies.
  • Simple is always better, with fewer ingredients.
  • Local matters and we support other small businesses in the area.
  • Think seasonally to have the best tasting items.
  • Explore exotic and unusual ingredients from around the world.
  • Never compromise on quality.


Charlotte & Olivia’s Sublime Ice Creams are made as close as can be to the way your grandmother made ice cream.  Our ice creams are slow churned, which means less air and a more densely-rich final product. 

Our ice creams are made without any stabilizers or preservatives.  Mass produced ice creams add these to reduce the formation of ice crystals, maintain a longer shelf life and keep the ice cream from melting. 
(Isn’t ice cream supposed to melt?)

All of our ice creams are hand packed and ready for delivery as soon as they are frozen.  Our ice cream doesn’t sit in a freezer for ever before you get it.  And once delivered to your home, it won’t sit in your freezer for very long either!

Charlotte & Olivia’s Sublime Ice Creams are made to be fresh in flavor, rich
in taste, a little frosty, and ready to enjoy now. 


Charlotte & Olivia’s Sublime Ice Creams is part of the New Albany
community.  We are truly a cottage business.  When you contact us,
you are talking to the owner and other people who love ice cream, and
love the town where we operate. 


We live and work in a place that celebrates community & family, art & architecture, health & wellness, local matters, diversity, and the world view. 
Just as we relish a simple taste of ice cream, we recognize the obligation to support our community. 

A portion of every sale of Charlotte & Olivia’s Sublime Ice Creams goes to further the mission of the New Albany Community Foundation.  The Foundation Board of Trustees has adopted five strategic areas of impact:

  • Education & Life-Long Learning
  • Arts & Culture
  • Health & Wellness
  • The Environment & Historic Preservation
  • Community Building  


Charlotte & Olivia’s Sublime Ice Creams exists because of you.  We value
your business and the relationship.  If we can put a smile on your face, then we’ve done our job.  Flavor, delivery, courtesy, and correspondence – it all adds up.