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What the fans are saying...


Just wanted to let you know that my book group friends loved the ice creams. The Limone Bianco was especially a big hit!  -  Diane

I loved the ice cream!  -  Trish

Sylvia LOVED her Orange-Tangerine Sorbet  -  Amy

Since I had all that extra ice cream to take home, I've had the chance to "sample" it a few times.  And I don't say this because my coffee is in there, but it truly is a WORLD CLASS ICE CREAM!  I mean possibly better than any Ice cream I've ever had.  Ever!  The president should be eating this ice
cream.  -  Chris

We had a tasting at the house. They were all amazing. My favs were the Limone Bianco, Caffeine and Chocolate Lavender. Mom's were the Caffeine and Chocolate Lavender. Dick's top choices were White Fences and Buttered Popcorn. Harry's were the Chocolate Sin and Buttered Popcorn. A few of us had ice cream for dinner. 8-). Now I understand why the neighbor boy wouldn't share the Limone Bianco  with his mom.  -  Elaine

Thank you for serving ice cream at our women's night last week.  I can't get enough of the Caffeine ice cream... It is AMAZING!  -  Cara

Everyone at my Book Club really liked the ice cream!   Voted favorite was the Madagascar Vanilla Bean, although I am personally still giving highest honors to Caffeine.  -  Marsha

That buckeye proud is some kind of magic.  -  Debra

Thank you very much for making our dessert course for the progressive dinner a success.  -  Daryl

The ice cream was a big hit!  -  Jackie

FYI: Handed out some of your ice cream to a friend - just got the review: "That Ice Cream was to die for - seriously!"  Xoxoxo  -  Renee

OMG! Charlotte & Olivia's Sublime Ice Creams are the BEST  -  Marilyn